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DHS- Roger (William Fichtner) in Heat (1995)

Roger Van Zant

Roger Van Zant is a crime kingpin who was Neil McCauley's former boss and the secondary antagonist of McCauley's storyline in 1995's heist thriller, Heat. He is portrayed by William Fichtner.

Character Summary[]

Van Zant is a white collar criminal who is targeted by McCauley's gang. After he is ripped off, McCauley offers him to buy back the stolen property at half the price. This is after Van Zant has already collected the insurance claim on it. Van Zant agrees and then, with the help of his goon Hugh Benny, tries a hit on them, which proves unsuccessful, and which results in Van Zant becoming the target of McCauley. Van Zant and Benny then recruit Waingro to get McCauley anyway and arrange a shootout between the police and the gang in an attempt to wipe it out. He is finally killed in his own fancy household by Neil, who managed to escape the police.