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Roger Stanton

Roger Stanton was the traitorous head of the NSA during the second season of "24" and was portrayed by uncredited guest star Harris Yulin.

Day 2 Summary[]

After President David Palmer fired Eric Rayburn, Roger Stanton took his position and assisted to counter the nuclear threat against Los Angeles.

It is later revealed that Stanton helped allow the nuclear warheads into the country under the advisement of Peter Kingsley. He planned on using a rogue group called Coral Snake to track in the bomb, and then neutralize the threat at the last moment. He did this in an attempt to "toughen up" Palmer's agenda. He revealed this after he was tortured several times. The torture of Stanton would then be used against Palmer when the 25th Amendment was invoked.

Stanton was told by Palmer that he would be executed if anyone died during the bomb blast. But, fortunately George Mason's sacrifice aboard a nuclear filled helicopter saved his life. Stanton testified against Palmer on behalf of Vice President James Prescott during the 25th Amendment proceedings.

Stanton's involvement with Peter Kingsley and the nuclear warhead are confirmed when Sherry Palmer got Kingsley to confess on tape Stanton's involvement in the plot. It is unclear what happened to Stanton after these events.

Background information and notes[]

  • Actor Harris Yulin is uncredited in all of his appearances in Season 2. It is believed this is because a guest star's name must be shown alongside that of another actor, but he wanted his name to appear alone. Since it wasn't possible he decided to not be credited at all.