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DHS- Director Roel Reiné (The Marine 2, 12 Rounds Reloaded)

Roel Reiné

Roel Reine (born 1969 in Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands) made his first theatrical feature The Delivery in 1999 and ended up winning The Golden Calf for Best Director (the Dutch equivalent to an Academy Award). After the success of his first film, Reiné went to the States to read a lot of scripts. He had breakfast with Dutch director Paul Verhoeven, who told him, "you have to live here to make movies." Reiné made one more movie in The Netherlands before he moved to the States. In 2005, Reine had moved to Los Angeles and went on to directed an impressive slate of 16 feature films for studios like Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures and Lionsgate, as well with independent international producers. Roel is also the Director of Photography (Cinematographer) on all his movies and operates A-Camera.

Roel Reine is known by fans, critics and Hollywood studios as one of the best modern action Directors around today. Some of his last movies where: SEAL Team 8: Behind Enemy Lines (with Tom Sizemore), Dead in Tombstone (with Danny Trejo), Scorpion King: Battle for Redemption (with Temuera Morrison), two very popular Death Race prequels (again with Trejo and with Sean Bean and Ving Rhames), The Lost Tribe, Black Ops (both with Lance Henriksen) and Pistol Whipped (with Steven Seagal).

In 2014 Roel Reine is finishing a sequel to the movie Man with the Iron Fists, with rapper RZA and produced by Marc Abraham while prepping a Dutch language historical epic movie called The Admiral. This last movie is the second most expensive movie ever produced in The Netherlands and tells the story of a 17th Century Admiral of the Ocean, Michiel De Ruyter, who protects the Dutch population from a civil war between two political factions while defeating English armada's in massive sea-battles.

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