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Robert Morrison

Robert Morrison was a suppporting villain on the later half of the fourth season of "24" and was played by actor and voice talent Keith Szarabajka.

Character Summary[]

Robert Morrison was a technician and mercenary working for the terrorist ringleader Habib Marwan during Day 4.

Day 4 Character Summary[]

Morrison was wired money periodically by Marwan in return for activating a stolen "S-series" Legacy nuclear warhead in Iowa, and to be the middleman between the terrorist leader and Marwan's technician, Sabir Ardakani.

While Robert was supervising Sabir, he was troubled by the frequent, very prying phone calls that Sabir received from his girlfriend, Nabilla Al-Jamil, who began to suspect her boyfriend's involvement with the day's terrorists. Robert communicated his distrust of Sabir's girlfriend to Marwan, and later sent a well-armed hitman to have her silenced (apparently without Sabir's knowledge). Meanwhile, the hitman killed CTU field agents Bergen and White but was eventually killed by Chloe O'Brian.

Later, Morrison received word from Marwan and Marwan's technician, Yassir, that the computer instructions needed to launch the nuclear bomb after loading it into a missile, and he successfully launched it.