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DHS- Stan Shaw in Detonator

Director Nominee Robert Brickland

Robert Brickland was one of the supporting characters and revealed to be the hidden main antagonist of Detonator (2003 film). He was portrayed by veteran actor Stan Shaw in one of his last on-screen film roles.

Character Summary[]

Brickland was soon to be the nominee for the position of Director of Domestic Security having had a respectable career in the federal service. After being apparently kidnapped by mad bomber mastermind Steve Kerwin. He had actually helped provide schematics of the building to Kerwin by authorizing the early release of infamous and violent criminal James Grimes among other unlawful requests and document forging. Following the death of Kerwin and congratulating the agents on their hard work that very day, Brickland was suddenly arrested when Jane Dreyer and postal inspector Beau Stoddard revealed Brickland's not-so-innocent nature in front of all the other bureau heads. They revealed that hen the call had been made from Intel by Brickland and while he had disposed of the call, it was still recorded on the server's systems. After being prosecuted by the agents and when it came time for Brickland to be arrested, he remarked “STFU” to Beau to spare him the usual reading of his "rights."