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The Peacekeeper Baker

President Robert Baker was played by Roy Scheider in The Peacekeeper.

"You commit your life to this country, no matter who makes the bullets"
―Baker to Murphy

He was the Chief of Staff during Operation Desert Storm and the events that lead to it. Now he is the President of the United States because of his success there. He is very popular.

He hires Frank Cross to take care of the Black Bag to further his campaign for reelection, an assignment he has to do against his will.

Unbekownst to everyone, he sent Lt. Colonel Douglas Murphy with his men to Iraq before Operation Desert Storm with the purpose of killing Hussein and begin Operation Desert Storm in this way, but decided to stop that mission he later valued as inadecuate by giving the order to kill them all in order to stop them from being successful using friendly fire from air.

Now Murphy has returned as a madman hellbent on revenge on him for the betrayal and the death of his men in an event that was supposed to be his death, too. He robs the black bag and takes control of a nuclear silo.

He helplessly has to watch the destruction of Mount Rushmore. After the destruction he finds out that Murphy is alive and is also forced by him to tell on TV about the event prior to Operation Desert Storm so that it would be discussed. In Baker´s opinion, his actions are justified and even tells Murphy he has the right to do such actions in the name of the country, even if it is to avoid another Iran.

After that Murphy forces him to choose between his own death proving he is prepared to die for the country as he kills and the destruction of Washington, which would also would mean the deaths of 15 million people. His ultimatum was a fake and the President shoots himself in vain. His real purpose is to force the President to helplessly watch Washington´s destruction as he had to helplessly watch his own men die by friendly fire from air.

When he wants to see Frank after he saved Washington at the silo, neither he, nor Northrop want to talk with him and he is also afraid to appear to them or to the public after this event.