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Richard Travers
Richard Travers in Cliffhanger
Name: Richard Travers
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown (balding)
Affiliation: U.S. Treasury (formerly)
Eric Qualen
Profession: U.S. Treasury agent, Qualen's undercover lieutenant
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot in the chest with flare gun by Gabe Walker
Played by: Rex Linn
Film: Cliffhanger
"Have I lost it? Fuckin-A, I've lost it, Qualen! Pure fucking Section Eight! "
―Richard Travers to Eric Qualen. [src]

Richard Travers is a turncoat U.S. Treasury agent and the secondary antagonist in the 1993 thriller, Cliffhanger.

Travers is displayed as a mean-spirited, brutal, foul-mouthed, ill-tempered, increasingly mentally unstable, disgruntled, power-hungry and psychopathic bully who turned his back on his own country in pursuit of money. He was portrayed by Rex Linn.

Character Biography[]

A treasury agent who always carries a Beretta 92FS Inox stainless steel pistol as his sidearm, Travers surprised his colleagues when he is revealed to be a traitor who is working with a highly organized band of criminals led by Eric Qualen to retrieve 500 million dollars in uncirculated $1,000 bills for international banking transactions. The inside man, Travers sabotaged the plane the money was in and stole it killing his colleagues on the way. Travers claimed to have a foolproof plan but it failed in the end because of a last desperate act of one of his colleagues and Gabe Walker´s actions.

In an act of revenge because of it, Travers tried to kill Gabe Walker, but Travers underestimated him and paid with his life after Gabe shot him in the chest with a flare gun.

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