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Agent Remick

FBI Agent Remick was a supporting protagonist on the seventh season of "24" and was played by guest actor Peter Onorati.

Day 7 Summary for Character[]

Larry Moss briefed Remick and his team on the situation at the Matobo residence. Moss said the priority was to capture Tony Almeida alive and return him to the FBI. Remick replied that his team would make every effort to use non-lethal force, however Tony's team was ex-military which would make them difficult to subdue unless they could return fire. Moss answered "it's a risk you need to take" and added that "Almeida is the only viable lead we've got to retrieve the CIP device" to which Remick reluctantly agreed. Remick immediately ordered his team to move out.

Remick's crew later arrived at the Matobo residence where the bloody Zeze Eto'o alerted them that Renee Walker was still alive and had been taken by Bauer and Almeida along with the Matobos. Moss suggested that they trace Walker's cellphone to find their location. Remick told Moss that would be impossible as they found her cell-phone and weapon on the scene and that forensics would continue sweeping the area.

After 11:00pm, Remick and Larry Moss coordinated the raid on the Starkwood compound. As they approached in a chopper, Larry asked him how far they were, and he replied "two minutes". As they entered Starkwood flying space, Remick told Larry that the control tower was signaling them. He was present when they were confronted by Stokes and other henchmen of Jonas Hodges.