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DHS- Charles Logan and Russian Minister Novakovich on 24 Season 8

Mikhail Novakovich and Charles Logan

Any member of the Russian mafia group Red Sqaure, Kamistan terrorist cell or various private contractors, assassins and politicians who tried to force upon a treaty after killing various other people who protested it's signing as well as Kamistan President Omar Hassan.

Day 8 Villains[]

Red Square Mobsters[]

Kamistan Terrorists[]

  • Samir Mehran
  • General Wasim
  • Farhad Hassan
  • Marcos Al-Zacar
  • Navid
  • Tarin Faroush
  • Ahman
  • Hamid
  • "The Blonde Woman"

Corrupt Associates of President Allison Taylor and Other Shadowy Politicians/Assassins/Federal Agents[]