DHS- Red Mercury (2005) DVD cover

Red Mercury is a 2005 British film starring Stockard Channing, Pete Postlethwaite, Juliet Stevenson, Ron Silver and David Bradley, and directed by Roy Battersby.


The film is a thriller about a terrorist kidnapping.[1] Three terrorist bomb-makers get a tipoff that their safehouse is about to be raided; flee on foot; kidnap hostages in an attempt to escape.[2]


The film was written, produced and filmed over a four-month period.[2]

The film was the first film aimed for a Western audience produced by a new film production company named Inspire, that planned to apply Bollywood film production methods to films made in the United Kingdom:[2] Template:Quotation

According to the producers the writer, Farrukh Dhondy, was interviewed by British counter-terrorism officials, to verify that the bomb-plot in the script was unrelated to their active investigations.



The film was sold at the 2005 Cannes Film Market. It did not have a theatrical release in the USA, being released to DVD in June 2007.

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