Die Hard scenario Wiki

The Sun Goes up, Alex Mason Wakes up and a man is burning and trapped inside an upturned buffel.

Mason: Whoa!!

Alex Mason kicks at the glass to get to the man but it won't break cause Roebuck and Polonsky Had Died too.

Mason: No!!! I need help over here! Hold on!

Jonas Savimbi Arrives

Savimbi: Mason!

Mason: Savimbi, You gotta help...

Mason Grabs Shovel and starts hitting the glass.

Mason: Break, dammit!

The man screams for the final time and succumbs to the fire.

Polonsky: Aww no!

Savimbi: The Fire finished him. Sometimes is too late to save a man. We must move out, Before we join him in death.

Private First Class C. Miller: You lose is all over for you... Were having fun. I was driving Sturmgeschutz 3 Ausfuhrung Carl. Carlson.

Roebuck Arrived.

Roebuck: You are no germans.

Private First Class C. Miller Shoots Roebuck And Polonsky And Roebuck And Polonsky Die. Then Private First Class C. Miller walks To Alex Mason.

Private First Class C. Miller: Cause We are gonna charge to the russians, Mason.

Savimbi: Well, You should not just kill Roebuck and Polonsky. Perhaps.

Private First Class C. Miller: Yes I Kill Miller's Friend Roebuck And Polonsky. When you call that?

Mason: I'm Telling you. I hate Imperial Empire Japanese Army.

Private First Class C. Miller: No, I Kill Imperial Japanese Policeman. Why don't you let that handle machine gun to you, Savimbi. Here's your gun.

Private First Class C. Miller Walks And Leave And Private First Class C. Miller Gets in Sturmgeschutz 3 Ausfuhrung Carl And Drives Away and Savimbi givess Mason a Machete and Savimbi Is given an MM1 Grenade Launcher by one of his men. Mortar fire is devastating the way ahead.

Savimbi: The Mortars Fire Means that the MPLA Is Ready to attack. If they want a fight, we'll give them a fight! MOVE OUT!

Jason Hudson Arrives At Helicopter.

Hudson: Mason, you copy?

Mason: Go ahead, Hudson.

Hudson: MPLA Forces advancing on your position, about one klick north.

Mason: Yeah, we know. Savimbi's leading a counter charge.

Mason and Savimbi Mount a buffel and a ride towards the battlefield.

Hudson: He's got the balls. I'll give him that.

Mason: What about woods? Do we have confirmation on his location?

Hudson: They've been moving him from one location to another. We expect Savimbi's Men to Report back soon.

The mortar fires stops for a moment and silence ensues.

Savimbi: The mortars has stopped..

A loud battle cry rings through and MPLA Soldiers charge over a hill.

Savimbi: Here they come! Here they come, My Brothers!! Fight, my brothers!! Fight!

Mason dismounts and fights the MPLA. Once Savimbi's Buffel crests the hill...

Savimbi: Mason! Target The mortar crews!

When Mason starts shooting at the crews.

Savimbi: They are behind the rocks!

Mason: The Mortar crews are down!

Four tanks arrive.

Mason: Dammit, Hudson! They got T-62 tanks in support! We need you to take the heat off.

Once Mason calls for air support...

Mason: Take out that tanks, Hudson!

Hudson: Beginning Strafing run!

Technicals arrive and fire at hudson's helicopter.

Hudson: Dammit! I'm taking fire from the ground! Sooner or later one of them is going to get lucky

Hudson takes out the tanks but four more replace them.

Mason: Nice work, Hudson. There's a couple of MG trucks targeting you!

Hudson: I Can't make another pass until you take out those MG trucks!

Mason: I'll deal with them!

Mason Takes Out the Trucks

Mason: MG trucks Are Down. You're clear, Hudson!

Mason calls for air support again.

Hudsons: Okay, Coming around again.

Hudson takes out the four tanks but they too are replaced by five more.

Mason: There's heavy armor still out there.

Hudson finally takes them down but.

Hudson: Shit, Mason! Stray the fire took out the chopper guns! I can't make another run!

Savimbi: Come, my friend.

If Mason delays...

Savimbi: Climb Aboard, Mason!

If Mason still delays...

Savimbi: Mason! Get on The Buffel!

Mason climbs onto the buffel once again.

Savimbi: They are weak! We must finish them!

Mason And Savimbi fire from the buffel, everyone charging towards the MPLA forces and seen getting killed by them.

Savimbi: Our journey to victory has begun! Death to the MPLA!

All MPLA are killed and Mason and Savimbi dismount while Hudson lands.

Savimbi: Haha! My friend from above! You killed many man today, eh? Yes... We all did.

A man arrives, whisper to savimbi and leaves.

Hudson: Where is Woods?

Savimbi: The MPLA is not yet defeated. That's a very dangerous rescue my friends.

Mason: Where is he?

Savimbi: He is being held captive by a Nicaraguan gun runner. A very dangerous man.

Mason: Where?

Savimbi: About two miles north. He's on the transporting barge, on the cubango river.

Mason climbs onto hudson's helicopter.

Savimbi: He may already be dead!

Mason: Let's get out of here, Hudson.

The heli takes them off. Mason looks to the ground as Savimbi and his men celebrate their victory.