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Phillip J. Roth (born 10 June 1959 in Portland, Oregon, USA) is a writer, producer and director of various low-budget films, some for UFO Productions, which released various action-scifi films for television and home video markets. He first expressing an interest in cinema from and early age the young Philip J. Roth articulated upon seeing his first film that he wanted to "...tell pictures with light..." and he later achieved his dream.

His nickname, 'The Dragon', is taken from his favourite martial artist of all time. He currently resides in Sofia, Bulgaria and owns a film studio.

List of Die Hard Scenario Film Credits[]

  • Velocity Trap (Director, Co-Producer, Co-Writer)
  • Escape Under Pressure (Second Unit Director; Co-Writer)
  • Falcon Down (Co-Producer, Director)
  • Rapid Exchange (Co-Producer)
  • Dragon Fighter (Director, Co-Writer)
  • Hijacked (Executive Producer)