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24 S6 villain Phillip Bauer (James Cromwell)

Phillip Bauer

Phillip Bauer is one of the prime villains on the sixth season of "24" and is portrayed by actor James Cromwell on the show.

Day 6 Character Summary[]

Phillip was the father of Jack and Graem Bauer, as well as the grandfather of Kim and Josh Bauer. He founded the company BXJ Technologies and served as its chief executive officer, until he left the position to his son Graem. After Phillip's daughter-in-law, Teri, was killed by Nina Myers, Phillip and the rest of his family lost contact with Jack.

Phillip was complicit in the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy, which was headed by his son Graem, Alan Wilson and President Charles Logan, and involved Christopher Henderson and James Nathanson. Phillip also worked with his son to cover up the theft of five Russian suitcase nukes, during the events of Day 6 and ended up killing Graem after the failed cover-up. After the unsuccessful cover-up, he planned to assist Cheng Zhi in an effort to spur China's ascendancy as sole world superpower. This plot was thwarted by his son Jack, and Phillip was subsequently killed during an air strike on one of his oil rigs at the end of Day 6. Slowly accepting of his fate, Phillip was defeated after being wounded by a gunshot from his captured grandson Josh and remained motionless on the platform. In moments, F-18 fighters fired upon the oil rig and obliterated it completely.

Background information and notes[]

  • Kiefer Sutherland originally asked his father Donald Sutherland to play the role of Phillip Bauer, but he turned it down, not wanting to portray a father who wants to kill both his sons--and does in fact, kill one of them.
  • On the official Facebook page for 24, Phillip is nicknamed the "King of Hearts."