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Petr Beaupre is the leader of the four robbers from the 1997 sequel Home Alone 3, thus, arguably the chief antagonist. Although he speaks English, he is played by Polish actor Olek Krupa. He is one of the internationally wanted criminals, the other three being Alice Ribbons (the only female), Burton Jernigan, and Earl Unger.

Character Summary[]

Beaupre searches for the toycar with the computer chip in the houses on Alex's block while Alice, Jernigan and Unger keep a lookout but is foiled by Alex when he telephones the police.

When the robbers find out that Alex has the toycar and the chip and go after them he steps into several traps. Beaupre finally outsmarts Alex by hiding in the neighbour Mrs Hess's garage and captures him when he comes to release her, but Alex succeeds in scaring him off with a fake gun. He is arrested when fireworks are detonated in the ice fortress.