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DHS- Peter Madsen (villain in 24 The Game)

Peter Madsen

Peter Madsen is one of the primary antagonists along with Max and Joseph Sin-Chung in 24: The Game. His likeness and voice is provided by "Leverage" actor Christian Kane.

Character Backstory[]

Much like Carl Benton and Jim Ricker, Madsen had served under Jack Bauer in Special Ops eight years before The Game. He was married but had not been in contact with his ex-wife, Donna Madsen, for several years.

The Game Edit Several hours into the game and after being taken into CTU Los Angeles, Sin-Chung tricked Ryan Chappelle into setting off an EMP bomb. Suddenly, troops led by Madsen burst into CTU and killed many staffers, including Sean Walker. After downloading relevant data, Madsen turned on his employees and in the confusion, Jack Bauer broke in and took down most of the terrorists. He destroyed Madsen's escape chopper, but Madsen kidnapped Kim Bauer in order to escape.

He and Sin-Chung were picked up by an undercover Chase Edmunds before they escaped. Madsen then called Jack and told him to break into Division and hack relevant files. If Jack failed to do so, Kim would die.

Madsen later revealed his plan to set off explosives along intersecting fault lines near Los Angeles, causing a massive earthquake. Although Bauer, Tony Almeida and other CTU operatives were able to disarm the majority of the bombs, one still detonated, causing a sizable quake.

After the quake, Madsen kidnapped Kate Warner under directions from his boss, Max, who wanted to use Kate as leverage in order to get her father, Bob Warner to help them smuggle nukes out of the country. However, thanks to work from Chase, Tony and Jack, the plan failed and Madsen attempted to escape by boat, but Jack fired on it, igniting the gasoline and blowing up the boat along with Madsen, killing him.