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DHS- Peter Deveroux (Pierce Borsnan) AKA The November Man

Peter Deveroux

Peter H. Devereaux is a retired CIA agent also known as The November Man. He is portrayed by Pierce Brosnan in the film of the same aforementioned name.


Peter's former lover was Natalia Ulanova and had a daughter named Lucy.


Five years into his retirement, CIA veteran Peter Devereaux is pulled back into service to help retrieve a Russian agent- also his former lover- who has incriminating evidence on Federov, a corrupt Russian leader. When a different CIA team, led by Devereaux's former protege David Mason (Luke Bracey), shows up, the mission goes south and Devereaux's ex-lover is killed. Now a rogue agent, Devereaux drags a relief worker Mia Fillipova (Olga Kurylenko) along on his mission to settle the score.