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Paul Winfield
DHS- Paul Winfield
Name: Paul Edward Winfield
Birthplace: Dallas, TX, USA
Birthdate: May 22, 1939
Deathdate: March 7, 2004
Active: 1965–2003
Films appeared in: Irresistible Force
Strategic Command
Walker, Texas Ranger
Role: Commander Toole (Irresistible Force)
Walter Wright (Cliffhanger)
Rowan (Strategic Command)
Pastor Roscoe Jones (Walker, Texas Ranger)

Paul Winfield (May 22, 1939 - March 7, 2004) was an American television, film and stage actor. He was known for his portrayal of a Louisiana sharecropper who struggles to support his family during the Great Depression in the classic film Sounder, which earned him an Academy Award nomination. He portrayed Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 1978 television miniseries "King", for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award. He appeared in films such as Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn (with William Shatner), The Terminator (with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Biehn, Bill Paxton, Patrick Kilpatrick and Lance Henriksen), Blue City (with Judd Nelson) and Mars Attacks (with Pierce Brosnan).


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