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Pablo was one of Hector and Ramon Salazar's main henchmen on the third season of TV's "24" and was played by recurring guest actor Gonzalo Menendez.

Character Summary[]

Pablo went with Hector Salazar to find Hector's girlfriend Claudia, who helped the captured CTU agent Chase Edmunds escape from Hector's men Eduardo and Emilio. They found the truck which Claudia's father Oriol used to escape, and in it, Pablo found the body of Claudia who had been killed in the crossfire. He informed Hector, who moved quickly from grief to rage.

Hector brought Pablo, Felipe, and his other men to meet up with Ramon Salazar, undercover agent Jack Bauer and Nina Myers. Ramon shot his brother Hector when they came to an impasse on who was in control. Pablo examined Hector's fatal wound, but was not permitted to take him to a hospital.

Pablo and Felipe were assigned by Ramon to look for a CTU surveillance agent after Myers warned Ramon about the setup. Pablo was intercepted by the agent, Chase Edmunds, who made him report that he had found nothing. Chase then knocked Pablo out, and a Delta Force strike team wiped out the rest of the Salazar group.