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Ortiz is a carpenter who boarded the Santa Monica transit commuter Bus no.2525 seen in Speed. He is played by Carlos Carrasco.


Ortiz was first seen in the bus drinking, seeing Jack boarded on a car owned by a "tuneman" and boards the bus explaining to the passengers the situation. When a paranoid passenger thinking Jack has come to arrest him threatens Jack with a gun, he restrains him accidentally shooting the driver Sam in the process causing another passenger Annie Porter to takes over the wheel and Jack subdues the paranoid passenger while later getting advice from the polices led by Lt. McMahon on the bomb.

During on the way to the freeway alongside the police escorts, Annie accidentally hits a mother's baby carriage sending it flying and crashes into the road just beside the bus and it turn out there was no baby, it was full of cans leaving the mother cursing at the bus, Annie panics at what she has done while Jack telling her there was no baby it was full of cans. When they finally reaches the freeway, he helps Jack bring the injured Sam to the police trailer truck and is also mourning for the death of the passenger named Helen who also tries to leave the bus prompting the bomber Howard Payne who was observing the situation in the news to detonate the bomb beneath the steps causing her to fell off and is crushed by the wheels. Annie drives the bus into Los Angeles International airport where news helicopters can't enter due to restricted air space a passenger who is sitting behind him telling that they are in the airport that he was been in there before.

When Jack fails to defuse the bomb when the cart he was in came out of control due to the debris in the tarmac prompting him to look on the bus' floor panel when he, Annie and other passengers hear a crash when the cart was hit by the wheels. He tries to open it and uses his tools to open it and finds him hanging in the gas tank and helps him board. However it turn out that Jack has accidentally punctured the gas tank with a screwdriver while trying to hang on from felling. When the police finally find a way to keep the bomber from seeing them leaving the bus, he helps the last bus passenger who nearly fell off the LAX bus. He is last seen watching in horror the unmanned bus crashes into an empty cargo plane which is also affected by the bomb explosion destroying both the bus and the plane. Ortiz was not seen afterwards but was last seen alive.

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