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DHS- Operation Delta Force 4 alternate cover

Operation Delta Force 4: Deep Fault is a 1999 direct-to-video film directed by Mark Roper and written by Danny Lerner and David Sparling. It is the third sequel and the fourth film in the Operation Delta Force franchise by Nu Image Films production company.


Sent out on yet another dangerous mission, the Delta Force -- including Mac McKinney (Joe Lara), Hutch (Justin Williams) and Skip Lang (Greg Collins) -- must rescue a group of abducted scientists. Traveling to Eastern Europe, the team uncovers a top-secret plot that places the safety of the world in jeopardy. In order to complete their assignment and halt the project, McKinney, Hutch and company must take out tanks, snipers and other deadly obstacles.


  • Greg Collins as Capt. Skip Lang
  • Joe Lara as Sgt. Mac McKinney
  • Justin Williams as Hutch
  • Johnny Messner as Vickers
  • Gary Hudson as Sparks
  • Hayley DuMond as Laurie Granger
  • John Laughlin as Dr. Olivio Garcia
  • Burnell Tucker as Admiral Henshaw
  • Angus MacInnes as Dr. Walter Hill
  • Johnny Myer as Dr. Samuels
  • Lyubomir Iliev as Peters
  • Bashar Rahal as Dmitri Minkov
  • Itschak Fintzi as General Kisimir Nabizha
  • Stefan Iliev as General Ratko Gravic
  • Harry Anichkin as 1st Hostage
  • Ernestina Shinova as 2nd Hostage
  • Desislava Tenekedjieva as 3rd Hostage
  • Hristo Shopov as 4th Hostage
  • Linda Ruseva as 5th Hostage
  • Nikolai Urumov as Serbian Officer
  • Vladimir Bonev as Boris Vasilyev
  • Mariana Stanisheva as Reporter
  • Victor Biserov as Shooter
  • Vladislav Simov as Escobar