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Number of kills in movies
Movie Kills
Air Force One 6
Total 6

This is a list of kills made by President James Marshall that were shown on-screen.

There are a few requirements for a death to be a confirmed kill:

  1. President Marshall must be the one who causes the death.
  2. The death must be confirmed with video evidence.
  3. President Marshall must cause death, not just serious injury.
  4. The death must occur in the movies, kills from other stories are not included.

There are 6 kills in total.

Air Force One[]

Picture Movie Total Overall Total Name Method
1 1 Vladimir Krasin Heckler & Koch HK94A3
While President Marshall trying to free the hostages in the conference room, Krasin fired his pistol at him, but President Marshall fired at him and shot Krasin.
2 2 Boris Bazylev Broken neck
After secretly having the White House fire on Air Force One to launch a countermeasure to use a shockwave, President Marshall fought Bazylev and eventually breaks his neck.
3 3 Andrei Kolchak Heckler & Koch MP5K
After freeing himself, President Marshall eventually takes Lensky's MP5K and kills Kolchak with it by shooting him in the head.
4 4 Sergei Lenski Heckler & Koch MP5K
President Marshall shoots the down Sergei Lenski twice in the head, killing him.
5 5 Egor Korshunov Cargo Net Strap
After President Marshall wraps a cargo net strap on Korshunov's neck, he deploys the parachute and Korshunov's neck was snapped, killing him.
6 6 Gibbs Plane Crash
When he realizes that Gibbs was a mole, President Marshall knocked him down and attached himself to the line before the hook breaks off, leaving Gibbs to die as the plane crashed into the sea.


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