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DHS- John Mason in action
Number of kills in movies
Movie Kills
The Rock 7
Total 7

This is a list of kills made by John Mason that were shown on-screen.

There are a few requirements for a death to be a confirmed kill:

  1. Mason must be the one who causes the death.
  2. The death must be confirmed with video evidence.
  3. Mason must cause death, not just serious injury.
  4. The death must occur in the movies, kills from other stories are not included.

There are 7 kills in total.

The Rock[]

Picture Movie Total Overall Total Name Method
1 1 Private Scarpetti Knife
Just as Scarpetti spotted him and Goodspeed, Mason threw a knife and it went into Scarpetti's throat, killing him almost instantly.
2 2 Private Gamble Fallen air conditioner
After he shot Gamble's feet off, Mason fired at the air conditioner above Gamble and it feel onto his head.
3 3 Captain Hendrix Fall
After burning his feet, Mason cut the rope that anchored the loading cart and Captain Hendrix fell to his death to the water below.
4 4 Sergeant Rojas Fall
Before Rojas would have a shot at Goodspeed, Mason knocked Rojas off the overhead cart and he fell to the rocky waterfall.
5 5 General Hummel's marine Broken Neck
Mason sneaked that marine from behind and breaks his neck to save Goodspeed.
6 6 Private McCoy Fall
Mason hit McCoy from behind with his own M60E3 and pushes him off the roof with it.
7 7 Private Cox Chain
After Cox hit his hand on the pipe, Mason wrapped some chains on his neck and tossed the chains down the well, causing the chains to strangle Cox to death.


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