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White House Down 12
Total 12

White House Down (2013) Channing Tatum Killcount

This is a list of kills made by John Cale that were shown on-screen.

There are a few requirements for a death to be a confirmed kill:

  1. Cale must be the one who causes the death.
  2. The death must be confirmed with video evidence.
  3. Cale must cause death, not just serious injury.
  4. The death must occur in the movies, kills from other stories are not included.

There are 12 kills in total.

White House Down[]

Picture Movie Total Overall Total Name Method
1 1 Ritter SIG-Sauer P250 Compact
Cale distracted Ritter while he fired his pistol from between his legs and killed him.
2 2 Bobby Heckler & Koch MP5A3
While fighting Motts for the gun, Call uses it to kill Bobby.
3 3 Stenz's mercenary #1 Heckler & Koch MP5A3
As they wait for the elevator, Cale kills that terrorist while provide cover for himself and President Sawyer.
4-5 4-5 Stenz's mercenaries (2) Car crash
Cale drives into the tennis court during a car chase in the White House lawn and dislodges the net, which causes the net to hit one of the pursuing vehicles, hit the basketball hoop and flipped over, killing two mercenaries inside it.
6 6 Mulcahy SIG SG 552
Cale reached the roof and kill Mulcahy to stop him from firing Javelin Missiles at the incoming helicopters carrying Delta Force commandos.
7 7 Stenz's mercenary #4 SIG SG 552
Cale killed that mercenary when he attempted to fire at him.
8 8 Stenz's mercenary #5 SIG SG 552
Cale shot and killed that mercenary when he fired at him from the corner.
9 9 Stenz's mercenary #6 Knife
Cale slashed the first incoming terrorist in the neck with a knife in the stairway by the Blue Room when he sets off the fire sprinklers.
10 10 Stenz's mercenary #7 Knife
Cale stabbed the second mercenary in the stairway near the Blue Room to get to the hostages.
11 11 Emil Stenz Grenade Belt explosion
After a brutal fight, Cale wraps the grenade belt in Stenz's neck and pulls out two pins, which explodes on his head in the press room and incinerated Stenz.
12 12 Martin Walker GE M134 Minigun
After he rammed the armored SUV to the White House, Cale killed Walker with the minigun to prevent him from activating the nuclear football.


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