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DHS- Omar (Tony Plana) on 24 Season 4


Omar was one of the sub-cell leaders working for Habib Marwan. He appears during the first portion of the fourth season of "24". He is portrayed by actor Tony Plana on the show.

Character Summary[]

He was placed in charge by Marwan for managing the trial of Secretary of Defense James Heller. He commonly kept in touch with co-conspiractors Marwan and Navi Araz throughout the beginning of the day. When Secretary Heller and his daughter, Audrey Raines, were brought before him, he ordered his men to place them in a cell to await the trial in which Secretary Heller would be executed. After Secretary Heller and Audrey both tried to escape from the base Omar was using, he threatened to kill Audrey if any more of his men were killed and if any further attempts at escaping took place.

DHS- Tony Plana in 24

Having recaptured Secretary Heller, the trial commenced and was only interrupted when Jack Bauer intervened and rescued Secretary Heller. Realizing that the Marines were surrounding the base, Omar took Audrey as a hostage and attempted to escape, but was stabbed in the leg by Audrey and shot in the shoulder by Jack. Ultimately, he was finished off by gunfire from the Marines.