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Norman Mora
DHS- Norman Mora
Active: 1998–present
Films appeared in: 24
The Unit
Depth Charge
Crank: High Voltage
In the Blood
Role: Biker #3/Stunts (The Unit)
Stunts (24)
(Depth Charge)
(Crank 2)
Stunt Double: Danny Trejo (In the Blood)

Norman Mora is an American stunt performer who has often doubled actor Danny Trejo in addition to playing henchmen or civilian roles in various films and television shows. He has worked on films such as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (with Sala Baker and Philip Tan), Fast & Furious (with Greg Collins and Robert Miano), The Grind (with C. Thomas Howell and Tom Sizemore) and Casa de mi Padre. He has guest-starred on or performed stunts for shows such as "The Unit", "iCarly", "The Shield", "General Hospital", "Sons of Anarchy" and "Last Man Standing".