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Major Caldwell with an MP5A3.

Major Norman Caldwell was one of President James Marshall's most loyal staff members and a secondary protagonist in Air Force One.

He was portrayed by William H. Macy.

Air Force One[]

Major Caldwell was one of President James Marshall's advisors, though, judging by the way he handled himself in a firefight (he showed good trigger discipline and knew how to handle a machine gun), he had frontline experience, maybe as a combat air controller, PJ rescue officer, or possibly an embassy guard. Major Caldwell was one of the few hostages to remain calm during the takeover of Air Force One, and even supported the "Secret Service Agent" hiding in the baggage deck, because he knew that he may be the only hope any of the hostages have. Despite Lloyd Shepard totally condemning his actions due to the deaths of National Security Advisor Jack Doherty and Deputy Press Secretary Melanie Mitchel, Caldwell supported the Secret Service agent, who was later revealed to be the president himself. He instructs the hostages how to put on parachutes after jumping out of Air Force One but is unable to escape himself, leaving him as one of the last hostages on the plane. Lloyd Shepard is shot in a firefight but survives, and Caldwell allows him to leave the plane instead of going first. But when they learn that the plane was descending too rapidly due to engine failure, Caldwell selflessly tells the President to get himself off the plane. However, he was shot and killed by Gibbs after the traitor dropped the pretenses. His brave actions saved many lives.


Caldwell's death.

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