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DHS- No Easy Days wide tv show promo poster

No Easy Days is an IndieGogo-funded television series created by and co-starring Simon Phillips and directed by Paul Tantor. It has much of the same team that worked on He Who Dares and it's sequel He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege. It also stars Sean Bronson, Al Sapienza, Michael Hogan and Peter Outerbridge.

The series had 25% of it's funding come from IndieGogo.com and was promoted as being in the style of hit TV shows such as "24", "Spooks" and "Homeland". [1]


The President's daughter is kidnapped and held ransom by a British mercenary, and a rebellious Navy SEAL is the only hope of saving her.

Cast of Characters[]

  • Sean Brosnan as Christopher Lowe, the main protagonist
  • Michael Hogan as Bob Carson
  • Eva Link as Alice Reynolds, the Presidents daughter who is held for ransom by the terrorists
  • Al Sapienza as Andrew Whitmore
  • Peter Outerbridge as President Paul Reynolds
  • Allison Brennan as Sarah Mareck
  • Mercedes Papalia as Kelly
  • Simon Phillips as Alex Holt, the lead terrorist villain