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DHS- Nikolai (Willem Dafoe) in 007 Everything or Nothing videogame

Nikolai Diavolo

Nikolai Diavolo is the main antagonist in the James Bond video game Everything or Nothing and was played by actor Willem Dafoe.

Character Backstory[]

Nikolai is a former KGB officer who became disillusioned by the westernization of his homeland. Upon entering the KGB he became the prodigy of James Bond's former nemesis Max Zorin. Diavolo vowed to avenge Zorin's death as well as finally carry out Zorin's plans to its natural conclusion, which is, namely, world domination.

Diavolo is known to hold automobile races in the South Peruvian town of Puerto Viejo. For winning one of his races, Diavolo administers a large trophy and dines with the victor.

Character Events Summary[]

In conjunction with Dr. Katya Nadanova, Diavolo gathers nanotechnology to create weapons of mass destruction in order to dominate the world. He is eventually killed when Bond fires a missile at him causing him to fall into an igniting missile silo.

Background Information and Notes[]

  • This is one of the few times in which characters exclusive to one particular Bond era show up in the Pierce Brosnan Bond era. Zorin was a Christopher Walken character and unlike the film he appeared in, 1985's A View to a Kill, this video game in which his protege appears in earned enough solid reception from critics and fans to be considered worthy of being dubbed "the Bond movie that never was."
  • In addition to this, Jaws is another character from the Roger Moore 007 era who appears in the game as Nikolai's main heavy.