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Neville Flynn

Neville Flynn is a FBI agent and the main protagonist from the 2006 campy action-horror film Snakes on a Plane. He was played in the film by actor Samuel L. Jackson.


Snakes on a Plane- Neville and witness photo

Neville Flynn was an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In 2006, he was assigned to secure a prosecution witness named Sean Jones and transport him from Hawaii to Los Angeles where he would testify against Japanese Yakuza Eddie Kim. They boarded a Boeing 747, but Eddie Kim followed them, intent on killing Jones. Despite increased security for the flight, Kim arranged for a time-release crate full of venomous snakes to be placed in the cargo hold in an attempt to bring down the plane before it reached LAX.

Snakes on a Plane- crew attacked

The snakes escaped and began attacking random people on the plane. They even made their way into the cockpit, killing the pilot as well as Flynn's partner, Agent John Sanders. Flynn took charge of the situation and tried to keep everyone calm as well as keeping an eye on his witness. He coordinated the survivors into setting up special barricades around the cabin to keep the snakes at bay.

Flynn was able to make contact with FBI Special Agent Hank Harris, who in turn contacted an ophiologist named Dr. Steven Price. Neville learned that Price was complicit in getting the snakes transported onto the plane, but Price cooperated with the Feds, preparing antivenom for the passengers that would be distributed once the plane landed.

Marshal Neville Flynn retaliates against the snakes

With the help of a man named Troy, Flynn and the others were able to safely guide the plane towards LAX. As they neared the ground, Flynn shout out all of the windows with his gun, causing the cabin to instantly depressurize. All of the snakes were pulled through the windows and the remaining passengers were safe. Just as Flynn and Sean were about to disembark the plane, a single remaining snake leaped out and bit Sean on the chest. Flynn drew his gun and shot the snake. Fortunately, Sean had been wearing a bulletproof vest and was unharmed by the snake's attack.

Later, Sean took Flynn to Bali and taught him how to surf.