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"Mr. Orange"

Freddy Newendyke (A.K.A. "Mr. Orange") is an undercover cop for the LAPD and is portrayed by Tim Roth in the 1992 Quentin Tarantino film Reservoir Dogs. He is one of the four main protagonists along with Mr. Blonde, Mr. White and Mr. Pink.

Character Summary[]

He is tasked by police officer Holdaway with arresting L.A. crime boss Joe Cabot, and to do this, he has to pretend he is a criminal and be accepted into Cabot's gang. He becomes friends with Mr.White prior to the heist. During the briefing where Joe gives everyone a color as their name to go by, Newendyke is given the code-name "Mr. Orange".

During the diamond heist, Mr.Orange is shot in the stomach, and he bleeds from this wound for most of the film. At one point, he wakes up and shoots Mr. Blonde dead as he's about to kill captured officer Marvin Nash. He later admits to Mr. White that he is a police officer, and Mr. White shoots him in the head, killing him just as he's about to be gunned down by a SWAT team.

Background Information and Notes[]

  • Mr. Orange is the only named good guy protagonist in the film to be killed.
  • Mr. Orange appears in the 2006 video game adaption of the same name but only serves as a playable character in the tutorial mission which the player practices how to shoot and duck while being equipped with a paint gun. He plays a role in one of the missions in which the player controls Mr. White and must get a shot Mr. Orange to the warehouse before he passes out from blood loss.