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Mr. Kil

Mr. Kil is the secondary henchman of Tan-Sun Moon/Gustav Graves in the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day, which is also the last theatrical release of the Pierce Brosnan era. He is portrayed in the film by Lord of the Rings trilogy actor Lawrence Makoare. He is rather similar to the henchman Gabor seen in the previous film The World Is Not Enough.

Character Film Summary[]

On his arrival at Gustav Graves' ice palace in Iceland, James Bond is met by one of the diamond magnate's henchmen, who introduces himself as "Mr. Kil"; to which the spy quips "Now there's a name to die for." Shortly after the public demonstration of Graves' Icarus satellite, Bond is caught trespassing in the compound. He escapes with the help of MI6 operative (and double agent) Miranda Frost, who pulls the fleeing spy into a passionate embrace to give the impression that they are lovers. Stumbling upon the pair kissing, Kil and his men leave them be.

Kil makes his final appearance during the interrogation of Bond's American ally, Jinx. Sent to kill rogue North Korean agent Zao, Jinx is caught by Graves and subjected to torture by electric shock. When she refuses to disclose information, Zao turns his sidearm over Kil and orders him to dispose of her. However, rather than shoot her, Kil insists on using the nearby industrial laser. Unamused, Zao tells him not to "leave a mess" as he leaves.

As the laser edges towards her head, she is rescued by 007 who intervenes and stops the machine - only to be jumped by Kil. The two men brawl around the room, all the time narrowly avoiding a lethal web of laser beams generated by the malfunctioning equipment. Eventually Kil overpowers Bond and prepares to deliver the finishing blow with a razor-sharp hairpin. Suddenly, Jinx grabs the machine's swinging controls and activates the laser; cutting through the back of Mr. Kil's cranium. The pair then use the laser to cut off the dead man's hand to unlock the facility's bio-metrically sealed door.