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Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown is a minor character in the film Reservoir Dogs, portrayed by the writer and director of the film, Quentin Tarantino.

Character Summary[]

He is one of the six robbers in a diamond heist that goes wrong. He is the first character to be heard talking in the film, who talks about the song "Like a Virgin" by Madonna, and how he thinks it's a metaphor for "big dicks!"

When he is given the alias "Mr. Brown" he says how it sounds too close to "Mr. Shit." After the heist, he is shot in the head but survives a tad longer before succumbing to his wounds. He drives the car with Mr. White and Mr. Orange in the back, but crashes it into a parked car. When he has blood in his eyes, he says that he's blind, and dies shortly after in the car.

Background Information and Notes[]

  • Like Mr. Blue, he is a minor character who doesn't have his real name revealed. The only main character to not have a identified real name is Mr. Pink.