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DHS- Mistrial (1996)

Mistrial is a 1996 American drama film written and directed by Heywood Gould and starring Bill Pullman, Jon Seda, and Robert Loggia. The film aired on HBO.


After community activist Eddie Rios (Seda), charged with the murder of two NYPD officers, one of them his ex-wife, is found not guilty due to legal technicalities, arresting detective Steve Donohue (Pullman) takes the judge, jury, and Rios hostage, and decides to have a new trial, presenting evidence that was not previously allowed. His captain Lou Unger (Loggia) tries to convince Donohue to end his hostage taking peaceably.


Although the film was shot principally in Canada, the NYPD and other NYC sources were credited with assisting and advising.


  • Bill Pullman as Steve Donohue
  • Robert Loggia as Captain Lou Unger
  • Jon Seda as Eddie Rios
  • Blair Underwood as Lieutenant C. Hodges
  • Leo Burmester as Commissioner Russell Crane
  • Roma Maffia as Laurie Meisinger
  • James Rebhorn as Mayor Taylor
  • Christina Cox as Officer Ida Cruz
  • Josef Summer as Nick Mirsky
  • Peter McNeill as Chief Inspector Ray Hartman