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DHS- Yorgo Constantine on 24


Mikhail is a supporting villainous henchman on the fifth season of "24" and is portrayed by Live Free or Die Hard co-star Yorgo Constantine.

Mikhail was a Dawn Brigade separatist active in the United States during Day 5.

Day 5[]

Mikhail was Vladimir Bierko's right hand man after the death of Ostroff during the gas attack on CTU Los Angeles. Mikhail was present at the terrorist hideout at 12451 Saticoy Boulevard, where he patted down Collette Stenger for weapons when she arrived to sell schematics of the Wilshire Gas Company to Bierko. He wired Stenger's payment of $10 million in return for her data, and then she gave the data decryption password to him. After she departed, Mikhail left with Bierko and the others to strike the distribution center.

At the Wilshire Gas Company, Mikhail shot the exterior security guard in the back and also murdered one of Sam's defenseless co-workers. He then loaded the Sentox nerve gas canisters into a room where the gas would enter the pipelines. Mikhail was among those killed by Jack Bauer during the shootout at the gas distribution center.