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DHS- detective Bosko (Ted Levine) in Heat (1995)

Sgt. Michael Bosko

Sergeant Michael Bosko is a supporting protagonist and the partner and close-friend of Vincent Hanna in 1995's Heat where he is portrayed by actor Ted Levine.

Character Summary[]

Bosko was also a forensic-tech and chewed gum much like his partner and friend Hanna. He shares the same first name to that of robber "Michael Cherrito". He helped solve the various homicide cases dealing with Neil McCauley and his crew's suspicious behavior while trying to determine what place it was that they would rob next. After nights of figuring that part out, the conclusion was that it was some Los Angeles city bank and at the scene of the robbery, Bosko was killed by Chris Shiherlis during the chaotic shoot-out in front of his partner Hanna. His first name was only spoken once throughout the film: the scene where Hanna and Bosko are picking up Lauren from school, Lauren can be heard referring to Bosko as "Mike". Bosko's first name is mentioned in the new novel: "Heat 2", where he referred to as LAPD Sergeant Michael Bosko.

Hanna was never able to fully avenge Bosko's death but he was able to kill their partner Michael Cheritto at the robbery scene and later on killed the mastermind Neil himself. While Donald Breedan and Trejo died for separate reasons (one was killed by the police blockade while escaping while the other was viciously attacked by Waingro despite having stayed behind so that no attention would come to his whereabouts), Chris was the only member of the robbery gang to walk away scot-free. ​


In the script of Heat, Bosko didn't die in the bank shootout. Instead it was Schwartz who died. In the police dinner scene, Bosko and Hanna exchange conversations much like how close-friends do. But this was heavily cut most likely for pasing.