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Michael Dudikoff
DHS- Michael Dudikoff
Name: Michael Joseph Dudikoff
Birthplace: Redondo Beach, California, United States
Birthdate: 8 October, 1954
Active: 1978–present
Films appeared in: The Human Shield
Chain of Command
Moving Target
Strategic Command
Crash Dive
Freedom Strike
Black Thunder
Counter Measures
Black Horizon
Four Towers
Role: Doug Matthews (The Human Shield)
Merrill Ross (Chain of Command)
Nick James (Cyberjack)
Sonny (Moving Target)Dr. Rick Harding (Strategic Command)
James Carter (Crash Dive)
Tom Dickson (Freedom Strike)
Vince (Black Thunder)
Capt. Jake Fuller (Counter Measures)
Daniels (Ablaze)
Ed Carpenter (Stranded)
Scott (Four Towers)

Michael Dudikoff (born October 8, 1954) is an American actor who in addition to appearing in various B-movies is perhaps best known for his role in the American Ninja films released by Cannon Films as well as his earlier appearance in the '80s comedy Bachelor Party.

Later on in his career, Dudikoff appeared in many low-budget Die Hard scenario knock-offs such as The Human Shield, Chain of Command, Cyberjack (A.K.A. Virtual Assassin), Moving Target, Strategic Command (A.K.A. Executive Command), Crash Dive, Freedom Strike, Black Thunder, Counter Measures (A.K.A. Crash Dive 2) and Black Horizon. His IMDb profile also claims that he has an uncredited role in Olympus Has Fallen but since that role has yet to be confirmed, it isn't included here for this wikia project.ji chang wook scott adkins donnie yen jackie chan

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