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Michael Dorn
DHS- Michael Dorn
Birthplace: Luling, Texas, United States
Birthdate: Dec. 9, 1952
Active: 1976 - present day
Films appeared in: Star Trek: First Contact
Mach 2
Role: Lt. Commander Worf

Michael Dorn (born December 9, 1952) is an actor, director, producer, and writer best known for his portrayal as Lt. Commander Worf on "Star Trek: The Next Generation", it's spin-off series "Deep Space Nine" and in four of the Star Trek: TNG films including. He also portrayed Worf's namesake, Colonel Worf in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Dorn later did various television cartoon voice-overs for various DC comics adaptations as well as the hit Disney series "Gargoyles". Dorn later had recurring roles on the hit live-action shows "Heroes" (with Zachary Quinto) and "Castle" (with Stana Katic).