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  • Was hoping you may know any backstory or reasoning as to why Tom Sizemore’s character in Passenger 57 was named Sly DelVecchio?

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  • I got confirmation last March that stuntman Paul Lacovara was on 24 on a couple of different occasions. Don't know which roles he did in that show.

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  • This is site that has the still images of London Has Fallen.

    I may need your help on the Olympus Has Fallen wiki when London Has Fallen comes out in theaters. Can you do that, please?

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    • This is the photo album of the red carpet premiere of London Has Fallen.

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    • We need more editors on this site. So much to keep up with.

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  • Hey, Gunman6. You might want to take a look at your walls in the Olympus Has Fallen wiki since I found some images of London Has Fallen.

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    • I saw it; will get to it when possible.

      BTW, I know that the newer seasons of Saturday Night Live are hit-and-miss but there was a slightly amusing skit that paid tribute to Speed.

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  • You may have known about this already, but this is the first chapter of my season 7 AU.

    This is the cast of my 7x14 with some changes on it as well.

    Main Cast:
    Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer
    Mary Lynn Rasjkub as Chloe O’Brian
    Cherry Jones as President Allison Taylor
    Annie Wersching as Renee Walker
    Bob Gunton as Ethan Kanin
    Jeffrey Nordling as Larry Moss
    Rhys Coiro as Sean Hillinger
    with Janeane Garofalo as Janis Gold
    and Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida

    Guest Starring:
    Carlo Rota as Morris O’Brian
    Michael Ironside as Henry Griggs
    Sprague Grayden as Olivia Taylor
    Rory Cochrane as Greg Seaton
    Titus Welliver as Edward Mathis
    Tim Guinee as Ken Dellao
    Sebastian Roche as John Quinn
    Daniela Ruah as Elena Ribeiro
    Troy Winbush as Terrell Hogan
    Lesley Fera as Angela Nelson
    Michael Papajohn as Sam Baker
    Vic Chao as Mark Dornan
    Terrell Tifford as Reynolds
    Billoah Greene as Alves
    Vince Vieluf as Hatcher
    Romano Orzari as Weight

    Special Guest Appearance by:
    Jon Voight as Jonas Hodges

    Lucas Ford as FBI administrative agent
    Marci Michelle as Marci Lamont (as "FBI Desk Agent")
    Pablo Espinosa as Mayer's Driver
    Anthony DeSantis as FBI agent
    Mark Stefanich as Russell (one of Griggs’s men)
    Christopher Michael as FBI policeman #1
    Edward Fernandez as Perez (one of Griggs’s men)
    Omar Leyva as FBI policeman #2
    Michael B. Silver as Griggs's technician #1
    Jen Sung as Lung (one of Griggs’s men)
    Tony Lazzara as Battaglia (one of Griggs’s men)
    Dennis Keiffer as Griggs’s operative #16
    Sam Ayers as Griggs’s operative #17
    Carl Paoli as Griggs’s operative #15
    Samuel Hunt as Griggs's technician #2

    Randall Archer as FBI agent
    Charlie Brewer as Griggs's operative #2
    Dana Bunch as Agent Teller
    William H. Burton Jr. as Griggs's operative #22
    Tim Connolly as Griggs's operative #21
    Sophia Crawford as FBI agent
    Brett DeLuca as Agent Charters or Agent Turner
    Tony Donno as FBI agent killed by Mathis
    Joe Dryden as Griggs's operative #20
    Jesse Escochea as FBI policeman
    Jim Ford as Griggs’s operative #10
    Regis Harrington as Griggs's operative #5
    Brian Hite as Griggs’s operative #11
    Greg Hutto as FBI policeman
    Steve Lanza as Agent Reed
    David Robert Lewis as Agent Charters or Agent Turner
    Danny Le Boyer as Griggs’s operative #14
    David S. Lomax as Griggs's operative #18
    Tom Lowell as Griggs's operative #7
    Jalil Jay Lynch as FBI agent killed by Baker
    Anthony Martins as Griggs's operative #12
    Eddie Matthews as FBI agent
    Dustin Meier as Griggs’s operative #13
    John Meier as FBI policeman killed by Griggs
    Manny Perry as Griggs’s operative #8
    Mark Riccardi as Griggs’s operative #19
    Jimmy Romano as Griggs's operative #6
    Erik Rondell as Griggs's operative #4
    Tim Sitarz as Griggs's operative #9
    Justin Sundquist as Hirschberger (One of Griggs's men)
    John Tuck as Griggs's operative #1
    Lee Villeneuve as Griggs's operative #3
    Brian Waller as FBI agent
    Gary J. Wayton as FBI agent

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    • Hmm...Not sure. Maybe Alan Rickman on the regular Die Hard wiki.

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    • I just feel like that'd be a good way to update the respective wiki(s) and let everyone know that we still appreciate what the performer gave to that iconic role.

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  • This is the scene of Sudden Death, there is about 5 other scenes of Sudden Death on that YouTube channel.

    Sudden Death scene:

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  • Hey, Gunman. Need you to see if this stunt performer on this project page on the 24 wiki is Thembaletu Tyutu, probably credited as Themba Tyutu.

    One more thing, if you see a removal of comment, try to get it back.

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    • Yes sir, saw that and am unsure

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    • Someone told Acer that it was him and some other stunt guys in Redemption.

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    • Well, can't believe I'm in this debate over a body shield. I'm saying that he's fighting him and hiding behind him while others are convinced that it's like any other body shield.

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  • I'm s bit iffy about Nick of Time.

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    • It's been mentioned before as another real time film where the main hero can't leave the building and has to save his daughter not just another assassination thriller. It comes up in several DHS movie lists.

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    • I see. I saw it a long while ago. So it is kind of real time film for sure. It does have some Die Hard material, but it's not exactly 100% Die Hard.

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    • Well that goes for more of these Die Hard knock-offs and sequels whehter it's a tribute movie or a clone just like with the airplane-based films play into political thriller territory if not disaster or spy movie tropes.

      As opposed to a full-blown action film, it's part mystery as well because it's trying to tie in what people what in a thriller. It gets the Die Hard clone award because it also has the hero signaling for help amongst other patrons and outside authority figures while also having villains who aren't exactly who they appear to be on the surface. It also has the hero be the unlikely type as opposed to the off-duty cop so it's just adding in some originality.

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  • I'm setting new rules. No one is to add any film articles or any character articles without my consent because I'm seeing a majority of films that are not DHS type films being added on here and I'm not too pleased by it. From now on, you and Altrich will answer to me and Votesmall about which films that are DHS or not. Okay?

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    • I'd say it's both

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    • If it's both then it should probably count.

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  • I send you something in the OHF wiki you should look at regarding LHF.

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