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Korshunov holds a SIG-Sauer P226 to Mitchel's head.

Melanie Mitchell was President James Marshall's deputy press secretary.

She was portrayed by Donna Bullock.

Air Force One[]

Depicted as one of Marshall's closest friends and associates, Mitchell was kind, charismatic and sincere, giving Russian journalist Egor Korshunov and his news crew a personal tour of Air Force One, where she inadvertently reminded him of all of the places to take it over. Mitchell claimed that Air Force One is capable of surviving a nuclear blast, and Korshunov said that he wasn't sure if that was supposed to be comforting or not. Mitchell laughed at this.

However, later on in the film, Korshunov and his crew are revealed to be politically motivated Kazakh terrorist who take over Air Force One and execute the National Security Advisor. Later on, he tells one of his men to tell Mitchell to come up to the cockpit, where he turns on the intercom and forces her to beg for her life into the microphone to get the "secret service agent" hiding in the baggage deck to reveal himself. The agent, actually President Marshall himself, wants to do so desperately but knows that he can't negotiate. Korshunov counts down while Marshall's wife, Grace, begs to speak with the agent over the intercom. All the attempts are futile, however, and Marshall is forced to listen as the sobbing Mitchell is shot in the head execution-style, and killed.

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