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DHS- Thomas Kretschmann in 24 The Game

Max in 24: The Game

Max was a recurring villain in the second season of "24" and whose's storyline was furthered upon in 24: The Game, where he took the role as the video game's tertiary antagonist. He is played in both appearances by actor Thomas Kretschmann.


Max is a mysterious antagonist whose goal was to recruit other terrorist organizations and amoral businessmen into starting a war between the United States and other unspecified Middle Eastern countries in the hopes that they would profit from the related oil sales. His associates included Nina Myers and Peter Kingsley.

Some years later, he ended up working with Joseph Sin-Chung and Peter Madsen and ended up causing a massive earthquake in Los Angeles. He later kidnapped Kate Warner to draw out Jack Bauer but was pursued on his get-away yacht after Tony Almeida and Chase Edmunds came to Jack's rescue by picking the latter up in a helicopter just as Jack was about to be outgunned by some of Max's henchmen. After Jack mowed down Max's remaining goons with the helicopter's heavy machine guns, he boarded the yacht and managed to kill Max after being injured. Kate came to Jack's side and Tony and Chase loaded him back onto the chopper to get him to a medical facility.


  • Max is similar to Mr. Smith from Next; Both are portrayed by Thomas Kretschmann, and both intended to detonate a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles.