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DHS- Marvin Nash tortured police officer in Reservoir Dogs

Officer Nash

Officer Marvin Nash is a supporting character in 1992's Reservoir Dogs and is portrayed by actor Kirk Baltz in his best known role to date.

Character Summary[]

He was introduced to Freddie Newendyke about five months before the robbery, he ended up being captured by Mr. Blonde during the robbery, and is put into the trunk of his car.

Mr. White and Mr. Pink laughs when Mr. Blonde opens the trunk to see him there. He was thought to be used for questioning about the setup. He gets thrown in the warehouse and gets beaten up by them. He eventually gets tied up in a chair, and denies that he knows anything about the setup. He says how he won't tell them anything if he gets let go, only to get punched by Mr. Pink.

When he is left alone with Mr. Blonde, as well as Mr. Orange, he gets tortured by Mr. Blonde with a razor, while the song "Stuck in the Middle with You" is playing. Mr. Blonde first takes a swipe at him, cutting his cheek, and then gets his ear sliced off. He gets gasoline thrown all over him, and is about to be set on fire, until Mr. Orange repeatedly shoots Mr. Blonde, being saved from him. Mr. Orange talks to Marvin Nash, asking for his name, and how Marvin knows that Mr. Orange is a cop. He gets told about how there are cops nearby that won't make their move until Joe Cabot comes into the warehouse.

Marvin Nash gets killed by Nice Guy Eddie, getting shot three times while tied up in the chair, after Mr. Orange tells Eddie how Mr. Blonde was going to burn Nash alive.