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First Lady Martha Logan on Season 5

Martha Logan was a supporting protagonist on the fifth and sixth seasons of "24". She is portrayed in all appearances by actress Jean Smart. As the First Lady of the United States, she is the capable yet mercurial wife of President Charles Logan.

Day 5[]

Prior to his death, David Palmer asks to meet Martha to discuss a "matter of national security" involving Charles Logan. After his death, Martha believes that Palmer was killed to thwart the meeting, not knowing that her husband was involved in his murder.

Several hours later, Martha is frustrated to see her husband negotiating with terrorist Vladimir Bierko and his willingness to compromise Yuri Suvarov and his wife, Anya's safety. Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce eventually saves her from the ambush on the Suvarovs' motorcade. Martha continues to question Logan's motives as her husband attempts to prevent her from finding out about his role in Palmer's death.

When Charles reveals that he was involved in the plot to assassinate Palmer, she is deeply shocked and says that she can never forgive him. Contemplating suicide, Logan comes into her room, begging for forgiveness. Rather than accepting his apology, Martha tells him that she is horrified to be his wife.

After Jack Bauer fails to obtain a confession from Logan, she screams in public that he is a murderer during Palmer's funeral. Afterwards, President Logan hits her, and threatens to put Martha in an asylum for life. During his tirade, Logan acknowledges all of his misdeeds, unaware that there is a small listening device on his pen. The confession quickly reaches the Attorney General, who orders the U.S. Marshals to arrest Logan. As Charles is escorted away by agents, he turns to stare at Martha, who smiles at him in triumph.

Day 6[]

Following Day 5, Martha was admitted to a mental health facility in Vermont. Martha is romantically involved with Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce. After being persuaded to call Russian first lady Anya Suvarov to enlist her assistance in a diplomatic matter, Martha and Charles have a discussion, in which she verbally assaults Charles, and in a fit of rage, stabs him in the shoulder, severely injuring him. Several minutes after she is arrested, Martha calls Anya.

Background information and notes[]

In developing Martha Logan's character, the show's writers drew upon the historic example of a prominent whistleblower of the real-life Watergate scandal, Martha Beall Mitchell. Similar to the real-life model, Martha Logan becomes contemptuous of her husband's conduct in office and decides to go public and end his career.