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Mark DeSalvo

Mark DeSalvo is a brief recurring character on the first season of "24" and is portrayed by guest star Lou Diamond Phillips.

Day 1 Character Summary[]

After Jack Bauer is taken down by security guards at the detention facility, Mark DeSalvo questions Jack as to why he is there. Jack says it has to do with the electricity of the facility being cut off. DeSalvo responds saying that a classified prisoner is being transferred to the facility. Jack tells DeSalvo to order back-up.

As a helicopter approaches the facility with the prisoner, Jack, DeSalvo, and other guards come up from the facility to make sure the exchange goes smoothly. After they're back inside, Jack begs DeSalvo to be able to speak with the prisoner, but DeSalvo is unable to grant the request. When Jack sneaks into a room with security feeds, he finds out the prisoner is Victor Drazen, a man who he believed was dead. After Jack explains the situation to DeSalvo, Jack is able to interrogate Victor. Since Jack believes the facility is going to be attacked in order to extract Victor, Jack, DeSalvo, and the guards move Victor.

As they're moving him, the power goes off. Victor alerts Jack that "they're here." An explosion then goes off, they decide to retreat back into the facility. Andre Drazen (Victor's oldest son) and his men rush into the facility. Jack then grabs Victor and points a gun at his head, Andre then threatens to kill DeSalvo if Jack doesn't give up Victor. Jack surrenders, but Andre shoots and kills DeSalvo regardless.