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Marianne Taylor

Marianne Taylor is a supporting antagonist on the middle of the fourth season of "24" and is portrayed by actress and comedian Aisha Tyler.

Marianne was an intelligence agent for CTU who was found to be working with Habib Marwan's terrorist cell in Day 4.

Day 4 Summary[]

During the events of Day 4, CTU was short on resources and needed to bring in many consultants. Marianne Taylor was on a list of consultants but was skipped over by Curtis Manning because of their past relationship. Curtis dumped Marianne after he realized she was dating him to advance in his career. Marianne Taylor used the relationship to convince Erin Driscoll that she would be a valuable consultant to CTU.

Marianne had other motives besides advancing her career while at CTU. She was hired by Henry Powell to become a deep cover mole at CTU and to help cover his tracks. While at CTU, Marianne helps detain Chloe O'Brian] after realizing she was helping Jack Bauer. Marianne, knowing that Edgar Stiles aided Chloe, blackmails Edgar into giving her higher clearance.

Marianne learned that Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines were going to Felsted Security to look at footage from a social gathering that could identity Powell. She tipped Powell off and knew that he would have Jack and Audrey killed. Marianne knew there would be an internal investigation of CTU to find out who leaked Jack and Audrey's whereabouts. In order to cover her tracks, Marianne framed Sarah Gavin by placing a digital recording on her workstation. Sarah was detained and interrogated. When Marianne learned Jack and Audrey survived the attack, she wanted to leave CTU, but Powell insisted she stayed. When Edgar found out that Marianne placed the recording on Sarah's computer, Marianne fled. Curtis stopped Marianne and asked another agent to impound her car. When the agent inserted the key into the door, a car bomb was triggered.

Marianne later learned that her employer had been killed. Curtis told Marianne that if she helped CTU find the Override device, they would send her to a safe prison. Curtis and other CTU guards escorted Marianne to Powell's office where she would unlock a file on his computer using her thumb print. They had kept the file for insurance. Before she could open the file, Marianne and her two CTU escorts are killed by Forbes, a man who worked at Powell's office building and was in on the plot to steal the Override device. Forbes then took Curtis hostage but Curtis later escaped.