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DHS- Vinnie Jones in Swordfish

Henchman Marco

Marco was the leading henchman and was part of Gabriel Shear's hacker-terrorist team in 2001's Swordfish. he was portrayed by actor and former Rugby player Vinnie Jones.

Character Summary[]

Marco made use of threatening hostages with heavy machinery as well as updating all the other henchmen on mastermind Gabriel's plans. After they took over a selected building to serve as their den of operations and take prisoners, Marco made sure that Stanley Jobson and his daughter Melissa were secure along with all the other prisoners.

While it was never made clear whether or not Marco was in on the fact that Ginger Knowles was faking her death (when she was actually part of Gabriel's crew) in order to force Stanley to hack into the bank accounts and to make transfers to Gabriel's off-shore account, he did keep watch over Stanley and make sure he wasn't goofing up anything.

Marco later was seen on the escape bus attached to a carrier copter and ended up getting killed when one of the hostages who had a bomb rigged to them exploded as Marco fell to his death at the same time.