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Mandy the assassin on S4 of 24

Mandy on Season 4

Mandy was a recurring villainous assassin-for-hire on the first, second and fourth seasons of "24" and was portrayed by actress Mia Kirshner in all appearances. The character also appears in a non-speaking appearance in 24: The Game.

Character Storyline Summary[]

was a professional assassin for hire who participated in two separate conspiracies to assassinate David Palmer on both Days 1 and 2 and assisted terrorist Habib Marwan during Day 4. The name, Mandy, was the alias that she most frequently used.

Over the years, Mandy proved to be a formidable adversary to the agents of CTU Los Angeles. She seemed to have spent most of her time completely under the radar, surfacing only to cause havoc at a critical moment, then vanishing into obscurity once more. She first collaborated with the American mercenary Ira Gaines, then with Max's international oil consortium, and finally with an fundamentalist Islamic terror cell.

24- Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) on Season 4 cornering Mandy holding Tony Almeida hostage

Bauer halts Mandy who is holding Tony Almeida hostage on Day 4

On Day 4, Mandy was finally apprehended by CTU for her role in helping Habib Marwan kidnap Secretary of Defense James Heller. In exchange for her cooperation in stopping Marwan, she was granted a presidential pardon for her many crimes, including the attempted assassination of President David Palmer.