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Lynne Kresge

Lynne Kresge was a supporting character on the second season of "24" and was portrayed by actress Michelle Forbes.

She was a foreign policy and crisis management advisor to President David Palmer during Day 2.

Day 2 Summary[]

During the nuclear threat on Los Angeles, Lynne constantly clashed with Eric Rayburn, and when the bomb went off inside of CTU, it was due to the fact that Rayburn wouldn't let Lynne tell President Palmer because he worried of letting the terrorists in on their plans. President Palmer found this out and sided with Lynne, firing Rayburn. Roger Stanton would take his place.

When Sherry Palmer arrived to aid Palmer, Lynne became very suspicious of her and they argued very often. Stanton and Sherry were secretly working together with a hidden agenda against the President. When Stanton was tortured for information, he gave up Sherry's name. Sherry told David she did it to help him, but he asks her to leave.

Later on in the day, as President Palmer hesitated to initiate an attack upon the Middle East, Mike Novick and Vice President James Prescott got together to set up a meeting with the Cabinet. Lynne learned of this encounter and was locked in a room by Mike Novick to keep her quiet. She escaped but while being chased by an agent, she fell from the stairwell, causing neurological damage. When she was in a stretcher getting ready to be put in the ambulance, she tried to point to Mike Novick when David Palmer was trying to speak to her, but Novick cupped her hand so Palmer wouldn't notice. She was then sent to the hospital in critical condition.