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Luis Guzmán
DHS- Luis Guzman
Birthplace: Cayey, Puerto Rico
Birthdate: August 28, 1956
Active: 1977–present
Films appeared in: McBain
Walker, Texas Ranger
Snake Eyes
The Taking of Pelham 123
The Last Stand
In the Blood
Role: Papo (McBain)
Gomez (WTR)
Cyrus (Snake Eyes)
Ramos (Taking of Pelham 123)
Mike Figuerola (The Last Stand)
Chief Ramón Garza (In the Blood)

Luis Guzmán (born August 28, 1956) is Puerto Rican and is a social worker-turned-actor best known for playing various sidekicks, thugs and policemen, all often either of the comedic or dramatic type. He has appeared in several film productions by Steven Soderbergh, Paul Thomas Anderson and Brian de Palma. He also was on the short-lived FOX sketch series "House of Buggin" (with John Leguizamo) and voiced the character Ricardo Diaz in the Grand Theft Auto video game series. He had roles on three different HBO shows: "Oz", "John from Cincinetti" (with Bruce Greenwood) and "How to Make it in America" (with Nick Chinlund).