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Luis Annicon

Luis Annicon was the district attorney and an ally of Jack Bauer's who appeared in the first three episodes for season three of the TV show "24". He was portrayed by character actor Carlos Gómez.

Luis was assigned to prosecute the drug lord Ramon Salazar before Day 3. He had a wife, Elyse, and two sons, Luis Jr. and Tomas. He had become friends with federal agent Jack Bauer.

Character Summary[]

Luis had a personal vendetta against Ramon Salazar, as he had given up a chunk of his life to see him arrested. Therefore, Luis was strongly opposed to giving Ramon a deal. After Division got involved with Ramon, Luis contacted Jack Bauer and demanded to know what CTU wanted with Ramon. Jack informed him that there was an imminent threat to national security that stemmed from Ramon's brother, Hector Salazar, and that Ramon might walk if the situation wasn't resolved. Luis then proceeded to confront Ramon and inquire about what Hector was up to.

Later, Ramon threatened to kill Luis's family, which goaded Luis into violently choking him. Luis was later summoned to Ramon's cell, purportedly to take a statement from the kingpin. Instead, Ramon stated that he would soon be free, and all of Annicon's work would be for nothing. Right after hearing this, Annicon was beaten and strangled by the attending prison guard Jeff Benson. It was later discovered that Benson was acting on Ramon's orders to protect his own son, who had been kidnapped by the Salazars and used as leverage to force the guard to comply.