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The Peacekeeper Northrop

Lt. Colonel Northrop is played by Montel Williams in The Peacekeeper.

He is against nuclear weapons after a near disaster in the past and he is the leader of the bunker the terrorists are attacking. He is the only one who survives the intial attack, because he did put a suit on in time and later teams up with Frank Cross to stop the terrorists.

He is wounded during the fight, but he still helps him from a distance. He also witnesses the confrontation between Murphy and the President from a camera. He enters the main room after it was seized and instructed Frank how to deactivate the last missile, which he does in the nick of time.

After this he and Frank get out of the silo. He blames on TV Einstein for this event and becomes friends with Cross after that, but he also avoids any meeting with the President and his men, who he seemingly despises.